Apply by June 23 to join our team for Transilient's 2018 Fall Tour

July 7, 2018 1:12 PM

A while back, we came up with an idea that felt like a dream: 

Take 2-3 assistants with us on tour with us.

Start a skillshare/mentor program.

Pay our new teammates for their time.

Well, we've been fundraising and we finally get to do it this year. We get to bring two of you with us!! MANY thanks to those who have donated and continue to donate. This would genuinely not be possible without your help. We are also still accepting donations here to continue the work.

So, here's who we're looking for right now:

1) An Executive Assistant to work mostly with Basil.

"As a man of trans experience who grew up in poverty with abusive parents in South Carolina, I can understand how hard it is to get out of such an unwelcoming environment. I’ve done work specifically for the trans and LGB community, either in the form of mentorship, organizing, or professional writing, for the past ten years without being paid much for it. However, I understand gaining the knowledge and opportunities I have while going to a Community College first have granted me the ability to attend a large Liberal Arts University, The New School, in New York so I could work towards getting more financially stable through my work. I want to share my skills with someone who needs to build a resume, take an internship, get experience that can help them land a job, attend school, get a scholarship, create their own projects or nonprofits, or just get out of an anti-trans state and see the country. It’s inspiring and freeing to be able to be exposed to things outside of one's usual environment. In fact, I think it can be liberating and even life saving. It’s a privilege and honor to be able to offer my skills and to meet so many incredibly humans through Transilient’s work. I hope we can keep expanding so that we can continue trans communal learning and sharing.” - Basil Soper

2) A Communications Assistant to work mostly with Klie, and also with Jonah!

“Who still gives Thumbs Ups?! Looks like I do. I’m a mixed nonbinary trans person from the South who is incredibly excited to be doing this work. The Communications Assistant role was created so that we can build each other up and learn from each other’s strengths. I believe that trans people deserve paid opportunities to continue building our collective power. I’m not looking for a ‘communications expert’ but rather someone who is interested in communications work, has a passion for Transilient’s mission, and maybe has some ideas about how to contribute to it together. Our work is freedom work, and this role is both a mentorship and a partnership. I'll also be back in New Orleans for the last couple of on-tour weeks, so I need someone who will be able to learn fast and continue on-tour communications with only remote direction from me. Other random stuff about me: I’ve lived in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Chicago. I'm a digital strategist, writer, and community organizer who has worked extensively within open source, environmental, racial, and gender justice movements for more than a decade. I currently work in philanthropy, but it took a longggg time to get here to full time paid freedom work. I want to help someone else find their way and access resources that they may not have access to otherwise.” - Klie Kliebert

“My name is Jonah Welch, and I am Transilient's Director of Photography! I am greatly looking forward to the expansion of our team, and in particular, getting to collaborate on our project's visuals with other young creators. Most of my work centers around photographing and otherwise recording both our interview subjects and the team. I am interested in having assistance in the process of archiving these photos, and in expanding how we record what happens behind the scenes as the Transilient team drives across the country.“ - Jonah Welch

To apply to the Executive Assistant position, view the full description here.

To apply to the Communications Assistant position, view the full description here.

If you are unable to view the documents above, please email us at and we will send you a copy! Please also share this post with people who you think may be interested.

More details:

COMPENSATION: $1500 contract + all expenses covered while on tour (travel/gas, food, housing)

TOUR DATES: September 16 - October 30

OTHER SUPPORT: We will need part time, very flexible remote support both before and after the tour. This will include a few pre-tour planning meetings and about one month of sporadic post-tour support to help take care of various outstanding tasks.

We welcome both teammates to stay a part of the team post-tour in a volunteer capacity, but please note that our current funding can only cover the above contract.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: June 23, 2018

We aim to have interviews scheduled by June 25 and final candidates chosen by July 10.